December 8-9, 2017

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“MP” Classes are defined as Modified Production. All vehicles must appear stock, however
bodies can include Fiberglass, Kevlar, or Carbon Fiber.

  1. Racing Fuel Only (NO NITROUS OXIDE).
  2. Frame can be tubular or semi-tubular.
  3. Car and engine must be from the same manufacture.
  4. Engine can be mounted in any position (front, mid or rear).
  5. Car must contain a roll-cage.
  6. Car must include a fire extinguisher.


FT-1-FARA Pick Up Truck.

FP-1-FARA Prototype (All Prototype).

MP-1A-Cars with engine more than 3.8 liters, normally aspirated and turbo or supercharger are welcome as well as 4 rotors normally aspirated and 3 rotors turbo or supercharger full tubular or semi tubular frame permitted, Porsche 4.0 Liters and Ferrari 458. Ginetta G55 V8.

MP-1B-Cars with engine more than 3.6 liters normally aspirated only. No full tube frame except V8 stock cars (GT2) 15” X 10” wheels no wing. TA-2 trans-am spec. Ginetta G55 with 3.7 liters.

MP-2A-Cars with engine more than 3.4 liters up to 3.6 liters, 3 rotors normally aspirated and 2.5 liters turbo or supercharger. Ginrtta G50 with 3.5 liters.

MP-2B-Cars with engine more than 2.9 liters up to 3.4 liters, normally aspirated and turbo supercharger up to 2.0 liters including rotary 13B turbo.

MP-3A-Cars with 4 and 6 cylinder only, cars eligible, 1995-99 BMW E36 M3, Honda V6, Porsche 911-914 air cooler up to 3.2 liters,Mustang V6, Camaro V6, Dodge V6,Audi A4,Porsche 944-3.0 liters, VW Gti 1.8 turbo, Nissan and Supra, Rotary13B normally aspirated tubular frame permitted.

MP-3B-Cars with engine more than 1.8 liters to 2.9 liters, Rotary 13B normally aspirated and including rotary 12A turbo or supercharger.

MP-4A-Cars with engine more than 1.6 liters up to 1994cc, Cars with 1.6 to 1.8 liters can use normally aspirated headers and intake open.  Cars with 1801cc to 1994cc single throttle body.

MP-4B-Cars with engine up to 1.6 liters, normally aspirated, Miata 1.8 liters (SCCA legal size restricted plate required, no headers no intake). Honda1.6 liters V-Tech and non V-Tech single overhead cam, 1.6 liters twin cam non V-Tech, no headers no intake. VW 1.8 liters (8 valves factory compression) Rabbit 1.6 liters normally aspirated. Toyota MR2 – 1.8 engine, stock intake, no header.

MP-4C-AII LS 1.8 liters  (1834cc) motors and  B20 (1998cc) non V-Tech (Stock motor/after market parts OEM equivalent). Maximum cylinder compression limited to 215 lbs per cylinder no exeception, up to 66 mm throttle body permitted (No match porting permitted), 15 inch wheels up to 7 inch wide only, (205-50-15) R888(R)/RA1 (No shave) tires permitted. Shocks single adjusment only OEM location, suspension bushing OEM, engine mount open OEM location, any aftermarket flywheel permited with single disc of any material, headers open, any fuel pressure permited, any CHIP ECU permitted hondata ok, (CAM ADJUSTABLE SPROCKET is permitted). Transmission GSR, TYPE R, final drive 4.40/4.78 OEM LSD permitted. Original Power Brake system, calipers, GSR, CIVIC Si ok no TYPE R, maximum rotor size 10.5 inches. Minimum car weight 2300 lbs with driver (for 1.8 liter engines minimum weight is 2200 lbs with driver). CTR pulley allowed. Intake Air Duct OPEN, Alignment OPEN, rear Sway bar OPEN. IF IT DOESN’T SAY IT HERE, IT MEANS YOU CAN’T DO IT.  Any AC and heating parts can be removed.  Any radiator may be used, radiator open OEM location.


Approved by Tico Almeida (FARA President)