December 8-9, 2017

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FARA Academy Forms and Schedule

You can download PDF files of the most updated forms and schedule here.



FARA Driven To Perform Tech Sheet (Updated 4/12/17)


Under 18 years of age: Must have a parental consent form filled out by the parent or legal guardian.

Parental Consent Form


If you are not the legal guardian a parental consent form and a power of attorney must be filled out and notarized by the legal guardian to be kept on file for the remainder of the calendar year.

Power of Attorney Form




FARA Academy Schedule:


FARA Driven To Perform 2017 Schedule

Event NameDate
Homestead 500February 18, 2017
Sunset 500April 2, 2017
Memorial 500May 27, 2017
Sebring 500July 8, 2017
Summer Challenge 500August 26-27, 2017