February 17-18, 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get tickets for an event?

Tickets for FARA events at Homestead-Miami Speedway are available in our E-ticket page here.


2. Where is the ticket office at Homestead-Miami Speedway located?

The main ticket office is located in the entrance of Gate 18. See track map for details.


3. How do I get to the Speedway during race events?

For a map directing traffic to the facility, please click here.


4. What items am I not allowed to bring into Homestead-Miami Speedway?

No animals (unless they’re service animals), no weapons, no skateboards, no skates, no hoverboards, no glass containers.


5. Is Will Call available?



6. Do children need tickets to enter the race?

Children under 12 do not need a ticket.


7. If I exit the Speedway on the day of the race, will I be able to re-enter?



8. Where are the entrance and exit gates located?

See track map for details.


9. What services are available for Guests with Disabilities?

There’s elevators, ramps and handicap bathrooms all over the track.


10. Where can I park to attend race events?

We offer infield parking.  To access the parking enter the track through gate 18 located at the back of the facility.


11. I want to drive an RV to the race. Are there any special instructions?

Please contact Carlos Mendez at (786) 300-9292


12. Where will I be able to park my motorcycle?

Much like any other vehicle it will be parked in a parking space in the infield portion of the track.


13. What special Fan Hospitality opportunities are available?

We offer a VIP area for fans that’s located in the paddock above the old media center at start/finish.  Tickets can be purchased at the door.


14. Can I purchase suite tickets?

Suites are currently not available


15. What Corporate Hospitality packages are being offered?

Please contact Carlos Mendez at (786) 300-9292


16. Where can I buy souvenirs?

Turn 1 Autosports are the official merchandise providers for FARA.  They are located just off the breezeway in the middle of the paddock by the timing and scoring tower.