July 8-9, 2017

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Live Stream for the Sunset 500

good news race fans, FARA will be live streaming the 2017 Sunset 500.  The schedule of events to be streamed will be up closer to the actual event date.  If you have any questions concerning the live stream feel free to email us at:  The link for the live stream is located on the top right of the home page ( and right here:

2017 Sunset 500 Live Stream

Hey everybody, hope you all had a great weekend.  The spring challenge was a big success, we had great crowds, great fights on the track and great weather… onwards to the Sunset 500.  We’ve just opened the registration for our next event (Sunset 500), so hurry up and register and don’t forget to reserve a garage.

The results for this weekends Homestead 500 race are in.  There were great battles all over the track, get the results while they’re hot.

Click here for results:


Everyone here at FARA would like to wish you happy holidays and a happy new year.  Here’s to next year being better than the last.  See you in February.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Here are you 2015 FARA Sprint and Enduro Chamions.  The Winners and Team championship will be posted soon.


Sprint Champions

Updated October 9, 2015
1William Hubbel163
2Eric Curran108
3Bryan Fowler105
1RJ Lopez140
2Daniel Urrutia Sr./Jr.129
3Marcelo Hahn64
1Adam Yunis163
2Paulo Lima109
3Alex Gonzalez66
1Warren Cooper118
2Stephen Dowes45
3Adolpho Rossi36
1Michael Camus/ Randy Mueller195
2Robert Booth185
3Claudio Rodriguez69
1Claudio Rodriguez160
2Peter London138
3Neil Demetree122
1Alfred Franco124
2Juan Paulino90
3Rob Rice86
1Felipe Jaramillo/Sergio Siriani203
2Julian Castro158
3Rodrigo Ospina105
1Jesse Singer170
2Ricardo Rey79
3Jeff Ware67
1Herbert Gomez190
2David Dunn188
3Albin Roman176


Enduro Champions

Updated October 9, 2015
1Danny Van Dongen117
2William Hubbel96
3Robert Haub88
1Raulino Kreis Jr.96
2Marcio Basso/Nono Figueiredo94
3Matt Lecuyer53
1Juan Vento/ Frank Airoa90
2Adam Yunis80
3Paulo Lima49
1Adolpho Rossi70
2Warren Cooper50
3Shane Lewis40
1Robert Booth91
2Michael Camus/Randy Mueller89
3Claudio Rodriguez65
1Neil Demetree/Peter London58
2Jeff Emanuelson30
3Amir Kermani20
1Patricio Franulic/Sergio Kosky120
2David Tuaty66
3Ernesto Bernal60
1Alline Cipriani/Adolpho Rossi127
2Rodrigo Ospina121
3Felipe Jaramillo/Sergio Siriani94
1Jesse Singer102
2Bryan Horowitz79
3Victor Leo45
1Herbert Gomez120
2David Dunn114
3Greg Ira112

Well, the first Sebring 500 is in the books and the results are in.  Hop on over to the Mylaps website and check out who won.  We’d like to thank all those who helped us make this event such a success, thanks everybody.  Here’s the link to the Mylaps page with the results.

We finally got the schedule up for the next event.  It’s a little bigger than usual due to the academy’s larger role over the weekend.  I guess there’s not much more to say other than, come and get it… Link Here. (Just click the link and scroll down a little bit, you’ll find all the info about the weekend including the link for the schedule)

Registration is now open for the Race of Champions… register while you still can. (more…)


Sergio Laganá and Alan Hellmeister were the second-placed in overall results of the race – which had 78 entrants – and won in their category. In the MP2 class, besides, all the six drivers on the podium-position were Brazilian drivers.
Adolpho Rossi, FARA’s defending champion, and Elias Azevedo, runner-up in Brazilian Porsche Cup, were in the middle of the 1-2-3 yellow-green finish in Homestead. Nelson Silva Junior and Renato Bendetto were in third position.

In pursuit of victory, the duo of Laganá/Hellmeister took full advantage of Ginetta’s G55 great features, with good race pace and without facing any mechanic problems with the car, they crossed the finish line in a great overall second position.
Meanwhile, Adolpho Rossi and Elias Azevedo made their own show at Homestead. With a problem with the car during the qualifying session, Rossi dropped on Sunday to the last position among the 72 cars on the grid. This misfortune, however, created the ideal condition for an amazing rebound.

When Rossi left the car for Azevedo’s stint (1:10 after the green flag), he was 59 positions ahead – the fourth in MP2 division, and the overall 13th. The task that Elias needed to complete was try to improve a little bit more among the fastest cars in the track, and he ensured the second place in the MP2 class. With this result, Adolpho Rossi leads the season in this category, just one point ahead his partner, Azevedo.

Running with the Ginetta G40 in class MP4, Rodrigo de Paoli and Rodrigo Rocha also made a race without mistakes and finished second in their division. In the same class of her teammates, Alline Cipriani steal the show running alone for the entire three hours of the race, and finished third even after losing two laps in the pits due to an electrical problem.
Full article can be seen here:

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 4.04.04 AM

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 4.04.27 AM

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 4.04.56 AM

Mark Klenin came home with a win and and podium finishes in almost every race he entered. His Aston Martin Vantage ran perfect the entire weekend and got quicker every session.

Ernie Francis Jr in his GTS Camaro collected 2 wins and a 2nd place finish in the 3 races he entered with the car. Ernie also drove the new Breathless Performance Mazda Mx-5 cup car to a 3rd place and class win in the enduro teaming up with Jason Cherry.

Jason Cherry ran quick from the start of the weekend. His Mx-5, at its first ever race, had some tranny issues that put him out of contention for a win. Even with the issues, he went out and ran competitive lap times. Ernie Jr and Jason Cherry decided to run the enduro together and brought home a class win by 4 laps.

Jason Fichter ran his Mini Cooper TCB car strong all weekend. He was showing good consistency and speed every session. Brent Klenin drove in his one of his first races this past weekend. He greatly improved in speed throughout the weekend. The whole team is looking forward to the season to start and to bring home some good results.

Our next race will be this coming weekend at Sebring in the Trans Am Road Racing Series with Mark Klenin drivng his Aston Martin, Fernando driving his Camaro and Ernie Jr driving his Camaro.

Full article can be seen here: