July 8-9, 2017

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Miami 500 Results Are Up

Miami 500 Results

Here they are hot off the presses the results of this weekends Miami 500.  The weekend was a big success for all involved.  We’d like to thank all of the teams, drivers and fans who participated in the event and we hope you all come back next year.  Thanks everyone.

Hey everybody, We just opened up registration for the Miami 500.  So hurry and sign up for the biggest FARA event of the year.

We’ve tacked on a few more photos from this years Miami 500.  Click here to take a look at the new pics.

Hey everybody, we’ve just thrown up the first part of the picture gallery from this years Miami 500.  Right now you’ll only see about 30 pictures but in the coming weeks we’ll add more and more on a regular basis.  Stay tuned right here every week, you’ll never know who we have pictures of.  Here’s a link to the gallery right here.

The schedule for the Miami 500 has just been posted.  Hurry on over to the Miami 500 page (and scroll down a bit) to see it.  Some highlights include FARA practice starting at 9am on Saturday, academy starting at 10am Saturday, Formula LATAM practice starting at 11am Saturday and the big race starts at 1pm on Sunday.  Good luck everyone.

Link to Schedule


(You can also find the schedule on the Miami 500 event page)

Hurry up and register for the Miami 500 the registration page is up and ready.  The entry will be $800.  Good Luck.